The Gift of God

Consider the nature of a gift:  It cannot be earned; that would be wages.  It cannot be taken.  When it is offered, it can only be accepted or refused.

The Bible speaks of the gift of forgiveness and eternal life.  You and I cannot do anything to earn that gift.  We are even powerless to take it.  The only way we can have it is if it is offered to us and we accept it.  And it has been offered to us.  All of us.  You and me, the worst and the best, the seeker and the cynic. 

God has made forgiveness from all your sins (past, present, and future) available to you.  Here's how:  Jesus, the only man who never sinned, God's Son, died an excruciating death, forsaken by God, as if he were a sinner.  In doing so, He took the punishment we deserved.  He died in our place.  The punishment for our sin has taken place.  Because of this, God is offering to us the forgiveness we don't deserve, if we will accept it.

There's more:  Once dead, Jesus was in a sealed tomb that day and the next.  On the third day, God raised Jesus from the dead.  By doing so, He has made eternal life available to you.  He wants you to have it. ( Ephesians 2:8-9 )  He wants to show you His love by coming into your life, to help you and guide you.

Will you accept the gift God is offering to you?

It's not Too Late! It's not Too Soon!
Many people have committed sins so bad they think they can never be forgiven.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  If Jesus could forgive Saul of Tarsus, ( Acts 9 ) He can forgive anything you've done. Do you think you have a lot of time to think it over?  In this age there are more ways than ever to meet with sudden instantaneous death.  Once you die, there's no chance. ( Heb 9:27 )  If you know what you must do, why wait? 
  You're not "Too Bad!" You're not "Too Good!"  
Those who think they must clean up their lives before they dare approach God are like a prostitute saying she'll quit prostitution when she can do so a virgin.  Don't wait!  If you really want to turn your life over to God, He is willing to take you "as is."  ( Rom 5:7-8 ) As John Phillips once said, "There is no man so bad that Jesus cannot save him, but millions who are 'too good.'"  Anyone who thinks they are good enough to reject God's gift and get into heaven on their own merit is in for a shock, for none of us are.  ( Matt 7:21-23 )  

If you recognize that you are a sinner, and want to turn from that sin, and follow Jesus, you can receive this Gift now.  You (yes, you!) can pray to Him now.  He knows your heart, and is only waiting to be asked.  Your prayer doesn't have to include all the fancy Thee's and Thou's.  It doesn't even have to be grammatical.  He will understand what you say. 
If my way of explaining things didn't impress you, please don't give it up.  It's too important an issue to skip.  Click here to go to a page that links to the same thing in different ways. 
But it does need to be sincere.  Because He does understand you, and you can't fool Him.

To sum it up, here's the main points:

Whether you are ready to pray that prayer right now or not, it would be good to do two things:
  1. Find and attend a church that teaches from the Bible.  It is there that you can connect with people who can help you with the questions you are bound to have.
  2. Get a Bible in your own language and read it regularly.  Ask God for His help in understanding it.  Find people at your church who can help you understand the difficult parts.
Don't expect your life as a Christian to be magically free from trouble.  The world we live in still suffers from the effects of sin, including your own sin, your desire to sin may or may not go away, and there is a spiritual enemy that will try to make things difficult for you.  In addition, God may allow you to go through some troubles for various reasons.  It may be He wants to build in you the person He wants you to be.  So no matter what happens remember He has a much better and wider understanding of the whole situation, and yes, He still loves you.  That love is not going to go away.