How Can I Know I'm Going to Heaven?

It sounds like bragging when I say that, but I've no right to brag.

I've got no more right to brag about going to heaven than a passenger on a sinking ship has a right to brag if he happens to have been told the way to the lifeboat.  It isn't a matter of "being better," or even being "good enough," because none of us are. ( Eph 2:8-9 )  It is a matter of trusting the right way.

Jesus is the only man ever good enough to go to heaven, and He is the way, ( John 14:6 ) for it is only through Him, and what He has done, that we can go.

The rest of us are sinful: we "owe" too great a debt to ever pay off.  As for our attempts to live right and do good things, that's all well and good, but it can never earn us the right to go.  ( Isaiah 64:6 )

Jesus paid the price we can not pay when He was on the cross.  It is through Him, and Him alone, that we can gain entrance into heaven.  Check out the following verses: ( John 10:28 )

The Bible contains several other passages that speak of going to heaven: ( John 3:16 ) ( John 5:24 ) ( John 6:40 ) ( Romans 5:6-11 ) ( Philippians 3:20 ) ( 2 Timothy 4:18 )