How're Things in Hell?

Hell, also known in the Bible as hades, sheol, and a few other names, has gotten a lot of good press lately.  In fact, many people have unconsciously formed a favorable impression of hell from seeing cartoons and hearing funny stories.  You know: the Devil lives there, dresses in red, carries a pitchfork, and can be bargained with and sometimes even fooled.  Maybe they think it's not going to be too bad, after all.  At least they'll be in good company.

If that's what you're thinking, I have some important news.

The image of hell found in the Bible isn't nearly so pleasant.  It is a place of burning torment ( Isaiah 33:14 ) ( Mark 9:47-48 ), weeping, and gnashing of teeth. ( Matt 13:40-42 ) ( Matt 13:47-50 )  Another glimpse, an eye-witness account you might say, can be found in one of Jesus' Parables.  ( Luke 16:19-31 ).

It is so bad, the Bible refers to an eternal life in Hell, being forever separated from God's love, as perishing.

Sound nasty, doesn't it.  Wondering how bad you have to be to deserve it?  The bad news is we all deserve it.  All you have to do to get there is die as an unforgiven sinner.  Click here for details.

So if you plan to be together with your friends in hell, do you really think you're going to be able to have a good time? 

Would you like to know the Good News of how you can be forgiven?  Click here for a summary.

How soon do you have to decide?  You never know.  ( Heb 9:27-28 )

By the way, when you find the way to forgiveness and heaven, invite your friends along.

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