Is There a God?

Mankind has been inclined to say "There is no god" for a long time, in fact the con­cept predates Christ­­ian­ity.  (Psalm 14:1-3 ) There are many rea­sons why we do this.  Here are a few of them. 

We think there is no God because that is what we have been taught to think.  Many Scien­tists are devoting them­selves to try­ing to prove life as we know it could have devel­oped from chem­ical reac­tions. 
"Every­one who is seri­ously inter­ested in the pur­suit of sci­ence becomes con­vinced that a spirit is mani­fest in the laws of the Uni­verse -- a spirit vastly super­ior to that of man, and one in the face of which we with our mod­est powers must feel hum­ble."   -- Albert Einstein
Maybe it can be done, but I understand that, outside the labor­a­tory, the exact­ing con­di­tions needed to create and organ­ize the mater­ials of life into a form that can repro­duce itself, bring it to life, and sus­tain it are highly unlikely, even with a few bill­ion years and whole plan­ets to work with.  Probe Ministries covers things like this better than I could. 

Even so, creator-less evolution is still being taught as fact, with no men­tion of the dif­fi­cult­ies.  By the way, I don't blame Darwin; sci­ence at the time had only begun to fathom the intri­ca­cies we now know of in a sin­gle cell, much less what we will learn in the future.  Besides, he only claimed it as a theory, and hoped in time, sci­en­tists would dis­cover the "miss­ing links" that should exist if it is true.

We think there is no God because we cannot see Him, cannot touch Him, and cannot measure Him.  Did radio waves exist before man­kind learned to detect them?  Can we see, touch or mea­sure love? 

So, how can we know He's real?  Well, have you ever tried asking Him?  No, don't ask Him to spell out your name in clouds.  That would only con­fuse those with the same name who didn't ask.  Think of some­thing quiet and pri­vate, just between you and Him. 

Keep in mind He's not a genii or some sort of cosmic vend­ing machine, obli­gated to do what­ever you ask if only you use the right magic words.  But if you're sin­cerely seek­ing Him, He will make him­self known to you. 

We hope there is no God, because then there's no one to whom we are ulti­mately account­able.  If there is no God, we think, then per­haps there is no such thing as "good" and "evil."  Lack of account­a­bil­ity opens the door to doing whatever one thinks one can get away with.  Sounds like fun, but only if most of the rest of the pop­ula­tion keeps on doing the "right thing" with­out the author­ities looking over their shoul­der.  Other­wise, the whole sys­tem begins to fall apart.  Ask the Rus­sians.

We doubt there is a God because things happen that are incon­sis­tent with our con­cept of what a god should do.  Let's not forget that an eter­nal God who can create a uni­verse, who knows the end from the begin­ning, who designed us and created us, has got to have a bet­ter view of things that we mor­tals of limited intel­lect and experi­ence, who are stuck in three dimen­sions and subject to the pass­ing of time. ( Romans 11:33-36 )  It stands to reason that He may very well do things that don't make "sense" to us. ( Isaiah 55:8-9 )