God's Rules


OK, suppose you were on a roller coaster, and you saw a sign like the one above.  Would you think the one who made the rollercoaster was just trying to keep you from having all the fun you could?

Or would you think (because you know a lot of people who have put their head and arms outside the car, and are apparently none the worse for it) that maybe it isn't important after all?  Obviously, in the case of a roller coaster, just because someone put their hands outside the car once that doesn't mean it can be done at any time, and never be a problem!

The one who built the roller coaster knows things about it that you don't.  That's why part of the plan is to have a warning sign there.  The same can be said of God and the roller coaster we call life.

In this roller coaster, as much as I hate to borrow a phrase from a brewery, we only get to go around once.  Obviously, we haven't seen it all yet, so we might not know why the sign is there.  And unlike a rollercoaster, we may not always see the things that can cause us harm, or even know what kind of harm can be done.

Unlike the damage a roller coaster could cause, the harm done by sin can often be hidden so the rest of the world never knows.  The world is full of hurting people, some of whom don't even know why they're hurting.  Or they know, but will never admit to even their best friends what the problem is.

So hang on!  And keep your head and hands where they belong!  And don't let anyone fool you, there's still plenty of fun to be had inside the car.