Gener­a­tions of White Gor­illa fans have cele­brated White Gor­illa Day with the exchang­ing of White-Gor­illa-themed edi­bles.  What bet­ter way to get in the mood for the day than to make some of your own? 

If you're not into making cook­ies, click here.

Even if you don't cele­brate White Gor­illa Day, here are a few tips on how to make your ani­mal-shaped cook­ies just a little bit special.

Before you can bake sugar cook­ies in the shape of White Gor­illas, you're going to need two things: sugar cookie dough and a gor­illa-shaped cookie cut­ter.  And a flat sur­face on which to roll out the dough and cut the cook­ies.  And a roll­ing pin.  And a little extra flour, to keep the cookie dough from stick­ing to what­ever you roll it out with and cut on.  And a cookie sheet or two.  And some white sugar, to sprin­kle on top of the cook­ies before you bake them.  And an oven.  And a wire cool­ing-rack or two.  And a thin pan­cake turner or some­thing to get the cook­ies off the still-hot cookie sheet and on­to the wire cool­ing rack after they've cooled a cou­ple min­utes.  And some hot-mitts so you don't burn your­self while you're try­ing to do that.  And a tooth­pickDon't forget the tooth­pick. 
1 Cup Butter or Margarine*
1½ Cups Sugar
3 Eggs
1 tsp Vanilla or Lemon Extract
3½ Cups Sifted Flour
2 tsp. Cream of Tartar
1 tsp. Baking Soda
½ tsp. Salt

Cream but­ter or shor­ten­ing.  Add sugar grad­u­ally, cream­ing till light and fluffy.  Add eggs one at a time, beat­ing after each addi­tion.  Stir in van­illa.  Sift dry ingredi­ents together.  Add grad­u­ally to creamed mix­ture.  Chill thor­oughly (3-4 hours).  Roll on well-floured sur­face to 3/16".  Cut into desired shapes with floured cookie cut­ters.  Sprinkle with sugar and bake on ungreased or lightly greased cookie sheet in mod­er­ate oven (375°F) 6-8 minutes.  Cool slightly on cookie sheet; fin­ish cool­ing on a wire rack.
* Shortening makes for a crisper cookie.

Sugar Cookie Dough
You can buy sugar cookie dough in the refriger­ated sec­tion of the super­mar­ket, or you can make your own.  Here's my wife's sugar cookie recipe, the one we use when mak­ing White Gor­illa Cook­ies.  I'm not yet an experi­enced cookie maker, but I've included links to a gloss­ary to explain some of the terms to others who are not flu­ent in recipe-ese.  Note that it takes sev­eral hours to mix and chill the dough before the rolling, cut­ting, mark­ing (With the tooth­pick.  You didn't for­get the tooth­pick, did you?) sugar­ing, and bak­ing takes place. 

You shouldn't for­get the salt in the recipe, either.  Any­thing related to White Gor­illa Day should be taken with a grain of salt.

Do not eat raw cookie dough!

A Gorilla-Shaped Cookie Cutter
Yes, there are gor­illa cookie cut­ters out there!  I bought a small set of Wil­ton ani­mal cookie cut­ters on eBay that includes a gor­illa, an ele­phant, a hippo and I for­get what others.  Some of the other gor­illa cookie cut­ters out there make cook­ies with some­what thin parts.  These I avoided, afraid the thin parts would over­cook.  After all, we're not cele­brat­ing Crispy Brown Gor­illa Day now, are we?  Oh, OK, since it's White Gor­illa Day, you can cele­brate it any way you want to.  That's how a 900-pound White Gor­illa would cele­brate it! 

Here's a few ideas to try when mak­ing White Gor­illa (or any other ani­mal) shaped cook­ies.  Before you bake them:

My daughter made some white gor­illa cook­ies with store-bought dough, which spread more than the home-made dough.  (The instruc­tions on the pack­age tells you how much flour to add to keep them from spread­ing so much.)  She decor­a­ted them with eyes made from lit­tle bits of blue sprink­les and pink sugar faces.  Cute! 

All done?  You may now put the tooth­pick away until next year.

So you went and bought a whole set of ani­mal cookie cut­ters just to get the gor­illa.  Now what are you going do with all those other ani­mals? 

Well . . . 

You can use the ele­phant for pink or white ele­phants, but as far as I know, no one makes gray decor­at­ing sugar.  Come to think of it, making a white ele­phant cookie to mix in with the White Gor­illa cookies is a very White-Go­rilla-Day kind of thing to do! 

The Hippo is sea­sonal at Christ­mas time, pro­vid­ing the recip­i­ent is fam­il­iar with the song I Want a Hip­po­pot­a­mus for Christ­mas.  Try an uneven mix of pink and pur­ple sugar for an authen­tic color.

If your school's mas­cot is one of the other ani­mals, you can bake cook­ies for the ann­ual bake sale.

If your arch-rival school's mas­cot is one of the other ani­mals, you can bake cook­ies and then bite their heads off.


Cup:  Two sticks of butter equals one cup.

Cream:  verb  Mix toget­her briskly.

Vanilla:  I strongly sug­gest you do not meas­ure extracts over the mix­ing bowl, but over the sink or some other con­tainer you will be wash­ing out any­way.  Extracts tend to come out of the bot­tle sud­denly all at once and over­flow the spoon.

Add grad­u­ally  Add dry ingre­di­ents about a cup at a time.  Use the slow­est mixer speed you have, to avoid fling­ing flour all over the imme­di­ate area.  If the dough seems too sticky to work with, you could add another Table­spoon or two of flour.  At some point it is advis­able to stop the mixer, scrape the beater and the sides of the bowl, then con­tinue mix­ing, to make sure there is no unmixed flour.

Chill thor­oughly Scrape the dough off the beat­ers and sides of the bowl into one lump in the bot­tom of the bowl, cover with plas­tic wrap and place in refrig­er­a­tor.

Jiggly White Gorillas

If there's anything more fun than having a crispy crunchy white-gorilla-shaped cookie, it has to be having a jiggly white-gorilla-shaped snack!

In 2019, Kraft/Gen­eral Foods released a new line of pro­ducts for making Jigg­lers® in fun ani­mal shapes.  The best part: their Jell-O® Play Jun­gle Cut­ters Kit includes a gor­illa-shaped cutter!  Check your local store shelves for avail­abil­ity.

The kit comes with Lemon Jell-O.  As for how to make a white gelatin, click here for a page that includes a recipe for white gel­a­tin that can be eaten with your fin­gers.  We added a little almond extract for fla­vor.  Almond is especi­ally appro­pri­ate in this case, because White Gor­illa Day is, after all, a little bit nutty. 

The other cutters in the kit are for a frog, an ele­phant, and a tiger.  Frogs come in a vari­ety of colors.  Ele­phants can be gray, white, or even pink, though far be it from me to sug­gest Pink Ele­phant Jell-O Shot Jigglers.  Good luck finding tiger-striped Jell-O

White Gorilla Decorated Cupcakes
This could be a real time-saver!  Or maybe not!  Does this mean decorating cupcakes with cute little white gorillas, or trying to decorate cupcakes with the “help” of a white gorilla?

Another idea, although I haven't tried it yet, is to dec­o­rate frosted cup­cakes with white gor­illa ani­mal crack­ers.  May I sug­gest cho­co­late frost­ing, to better empha­size the light­ness of the gor­illa?

This may sound easy, but I think there's a problem: find­ing enough gor­illa-shaped ani­mal crack­ers for all those cupcakes.

Nabisco® makes Bar­num's Ani­mal(s?) crack­ers.  Their box (cage-free since 2018!) shows a gor­illa pos­ing with four other ani­mals, but as of 2020, they actu­ally make 19 dif­fer­ent shapes, which means some­body's going to have to eat an awful lot of irrel­e­vant crack­ers* just to wind up with enough gor­illas to go around.  It's a crummy job, but some­body's gotta do it.

Are there any other sources?  There are prob­ably dozens of other com­pan­ies bak­ing ani­mal crack­ers or cook­ies.  Here's a few I have looked at with no suc­cess.

Stauffers® has been mak­ing ani­mal crack­ers since 1871.  They make 13 dif­fer­ent shapes but appar­ently none of them are gor­illas.

Annie's makes Organic Ani­mal Cook­ies, but they're farm-related shapes.  Or bunn­ies.

Austin Snack Company's Zoo Ani­mal Crack­ers, while yummy enough that peo­ple have been try­ing to dup­li­cate their recipe, don't appear to have gor­illas either.

Keebler® appears to still make Ani­mals Frosted Cook­ies, (at least it's still on their website) but even if they make gor­illas, I have to won­der how recog­niz­able a gor­illa-shaped cookie would be when cov­ered with frost­ing. 

If you want more inform­a­tion about ani­mal crack­ers, try http://www.ani­mal­crack­ers.net/.

* And not just the irrel­e­vants, but all those other ani­mals too!