October 1st is
White Gorilla Day

If you have no interest in celebrating White Gorilla Day, at least click here.
The folklore of many cultures has long spoken of the existence of the fabulous White Gorilla, a creature of immense beauty, strength and endurance, yet with a playful, even puckish nature.  But until relatively recently, little or no evidence had been found that there actually was a white gorilla.

But (according to the March, 1967, National Geographic magazine) on October 1st, 1966, an actual, living, breathing, white-haired, blue-eyed baby gorilla was discovered by a hunter in Equatorial Guinea.  He was given the name Copito de Nieve (Snowflake) and he lived at the Barcelona Zoo for over 37 years.  The gorilla, that is.  Not the hunter.

Because Snowflake was found on October 1st, this date has been celebrated every year since as White Gorilla Day.

But what is the most fitting way to celebrate White Gorilla Day?

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.   -- Proverbs 17:22
Consider this: October 1st (White Gorilla Day) is exactly opposite April 1st
No one is laughable who
laughs at himself. -- Seneca
(April Fools Day) on the calendar.  Is this a coincidence?  Maybe.  Or maybe not!  Perhaps in the great grand scheme of things it was all planned this way, to provide a badly-needed balance to April Fools Day.

Thus, because the object of April Fools Day is to make a fool of others for one’s own amusement, (a questionable practice at best!)
If you can’t laugh at yourself,
someone else will do it for you, and
you won’t enjoy it nearly so much.
the object of White Gorilla Day clearly should be to amuse others by making a fool of oneself.

So go ahead! 
Laughter is the best medicine.
There are many ways to celebrate.  Tell a stupid joke.  Even better, tell a stupid White Gorilla joke.  Put a stuffed white gorilla in the window of your car or house. 
See, this is what you get when you try to make your own costume by sewing together white fuzzy bathmats.
Don a White Gorilla costume, and go from door to door in your neighborhood giving out candy, especially white chocolate candy.  (Best done when accompanied by someone the neighbors trust who’s not in costume.)  (As for which one of you wears the leash and which one holds it, we leave that up to you.)  Bake sugar cookies in the shape of White Gorillas, and take them in to work.

Hang plastic bananas on your apple tree.  Get one of those white pumpkins, carve a gorilla face, and put it out the evening of October 1st.  Take a day of vacation
You grow up the day you have your first real laugh at yourself.   -- Ethel Barrymore
to do something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t because others might consider it too “frivolous.”  Perhaps you could even visit the Zoo.  If you’re like most people, a lot has changed since you were there last.
A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.   -- Joseph Addison

White Gorilla Day is an excellent excuse to take advantage of the nice fall weather before winter sets in.

He who laughs, lasts.
Even if you’re not going to celebrate White Gorilla Day, the 1st of October is still a good day to check any calendar-clocks you own, just to be sure they’re not telling you it’s September 31st!

You’re welcome.

See if you can do it while not thinking about a white gorilla.



Question: Are there any precautions one should take when meeting a white gorilla?
Answer: Yes.  Never touch a white gorilla.  That, and that whole index finger right eye thing.  But, above all, never touch a white gorilla.
Question: Under what circumstances is it safe to touch a white gorilla?
Answer: None.
Question: Are there any books or movies about white gorillas?
Answer: There is one rather awful movie, entitled The White Gorilla, which was re-released on DVD in 2004 for reasons we cannot fathom.  More recently, the excellent movie Rampage depicts a white gorilla much more in keeping with the aformentioned folklore.  There are also two books, The White Gorilla, Asylum Falls and the somewhat darker The White Gorilla: Graves Quary by Bruce Holmberg, both of which we found to be quite entertaining.

For more information about Snowflake, you may want to check out wikipedia for the latest information.

Question: Where does a 900-pound white gorilla sleep?
Answer: Oh no!  Do I have to say it?  Really?  Oh . . .  OK!  Anywhere. It. Wants. To.
Happy now?
Question: Where can I find what I need to properly celebrate White Gorilla Day?
Answer: “Properly?”  White Gorilla Day is not a day that is meant to be celebrated in anything resembling a “proper” manner, in the hoity-toity sense of the word.  But if you want to “do it up right,” you can always Google "white gorilla," then click on the word Shopping to find the items you need.  Be sure to include the quote marks around the phrase "white gorilla."  The Internet being what it is, we are not responsible for what others may have put there.
Question: How many white gorillas does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: Only one.  Unfortunately, it takes a lot of light bulbs.
Question: Did Snowflake have any children?
Answer: While at the Barcelona Zoo, he fathered twenty-two baby gorillas, and they in turn have produced twenty-one or more “grandchildren,” but alas, none of them are white.
Question: What do you get if you cross a white gorilla with a parrot?
Answer: We don’t know, but if it talks, we suggest you listen.
Question: Is Snowflake still alive?
Answer: Sadly, Snowflake developed skin cancer, and when his vets saw that he was in pain, and there was nothing they could do for him, they put him to sleep on November 24, 2003.  Celebrating White Gorilla Day is one way of keeping his memory alive.
Question: Where can I get some White Gorilla Day Informational Literature?
Answer: Click here to download a White Gorilla Day flyer (PDF format) you can print (landscape, double-sided, short-edge flip, no page scaling) fold (Z-fold, as seen at right) and leave in public places for other people to discover.  Behind the copies of Rampage in the video store.  Tucked into the roll of white faux-fur in the fabric store.  In random empty shopping carts in the parking lot. 
Question: OK, seriously, what is White Gorilla Day really about?
Answer: It is the brainchild of two High-School buddies back in the 1960s, based on the original White Gorilla joke and the then-recent discovery of an actual white gorilla.  Even though they are both now old enough that they ought to know better, the tradition lives on!