Keep  ISimple,  Stupid!

Nothing personal!  I'm just talking to myself. 

One reason my web pages tend to be so plain is that I write them myself, using notepad and a small sub-set of HTML commands.  I feel it gives me better control over the formatting.  For example, take a look at my home page and try adjusting your web browser to various widths.  Unless I'm mistaken, you'll find it adjusts its layout to accomodate the change in width.

Another reason I write my HTML by hand is I used a dial-up line until fairly recently.  The web page editors I am familiar with tend to bloat the HTML file to as much as ten times the size it needs to be, which of course makes uploads and downloads painfully slow.

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.   -- Albert Einstein

Then, too, I'm sure there is still someone out there using a dial-up connection, so I keep it simple for their sake, too.

Yet another reason is to free precious space on the server.