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If you canít fly then run, if you canít run then walk, if you canít walk then crawl, but what­ever you do you have to keep mov­ing for­ward.   Martin Luther King Jr.

* (Opinions expressed here are not nec­essar­ily mine, much less those of the man­age­ment.  Phi­loso­phy sub­ject to change with­out notice.  No pur­chase nec­e­ssary.  Void where pro­hib­ited by law.  Actual cash value at par­ti­cipat­ing loca­tions: 2¢.  If you wish to express your own 2¢ worth, e-mail your opin­ions to  Entries must be post­marked no later than January 18, 2038.  Not res­pons­ible for lost visions or mis­guided sent­i­ments.  For a good time, click here.)

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Last updated February 18, 2020.
I am (in order of importance) a Christ­ian, hus­band, father, com­puter pro­gram­mer, and model rail­roader.  I find it diffi­cult to main­tain that order of pri­or­ities, but it is def­i­nitely worth the effort!

This site is intended to be a fast and easy way to link to sites I have found use­ful for things I enjoy and want to share with others.  Feel free to look around and see what you can find.